This is a different "Member" section. Here there's no monthly fee. No need to leave personal data or any credit card! No!.

These are my photos. I'm the only author. I'm the artist. My pictures have their own story. Behind each photo there's emotion, passion for bondage, sacrifice, hard work, courage, decision, self-improvement, exigency and many other adjectives that are part of me and my photography.

I live in Spain. Sadly one of the countries with more piracy and illegal downloads over the world. Few years ago only China bit us, they are also like millions of inhabitants and we Spaniards hardly surpass the 47million. Luckly we are a small number, what saddening and shameful statistics.

In this country the common way to think is if it's free everything is valid. If it's not possible, the next option is always find the cheapest. This cultural reading is usually wrong and causes serious problems. Hardly anytime is accurate.

The procedure is simple, you pay for the set of photos of your choice. That easy! There's cheap photos and photos much more expensive only for who is willing to pay what they're worth. There's no cheap or expensive; what matters is the money one has..

The photos for our Members are available to them, thanks to an external and private download link that will be provided immediately after the payment. They are not uploaded to a server, they aren't uploaded on the Internet, there's no occult files, they are clean and come from a trustworthy source: me.

At the present moment, September 2018, the only available payment method is bank transfer. It's possible that in the future we can offer other secure payment methods.

There's two types of price. You can choose to download more photos with the official watermark at the center of the picture (they are cheaper), or you can download with the watermark in the bottom right corner (these are more expensive).

Choose which gallery(s) you want and write me an email to the contact written under each one. Please write the reference and the date when you're going to pay.

Once I receive your email, you'll be sent a Spanish bank account number. This is because I live in Spain. Please, do the transfer within 7 days after you receive the account number..

The photos will be sent within 7 days after the complete reception of the money. I will send you a download link to your email.

Send me an email to with subject: "Custom video". Please explain with detail how you would like the video: role-play of the model, clothing, video's length and the storyline.

The role played by the model could be approximate. The acting could be subject to variation depending on the model's skill to perform it. You accept this fact when ordering a custom video.

This is the price list depending on video's duration:

5 minute movie 80$
10 minute movie 110$
15 minute movie 140$
30 minute movie 165$
60 minute movie 225$
90 minute movie 340$
120 minute movie 460$
For other lenghts, please consult avalability

The only extra cost for you is in case you request special clothing, renting any scenario (e.g. hotel room) or a second model. The price for an extra model is 80$.

I will answer your email with a confirmation of the request. If our answer is affirmative (model, storyline, etc.) you will receive an email with our Spanish bank account number (we live in Spain). Please, do the transfer within 7 days after you receive the account number.

We'll wait to receive the money before starting the filming of your video.

It goes without saying that we DON'T accept requests that contain ilegal or delictive activities. NO! We attend any petition and fantasy within legal frames.

Important: I don't speak much English. I only speak Spanish and some English. This text has been translated. Please write me with small sentences in English, easy to translate and understand. I would appreciate it if you can write me in Spanish!.


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