March 17, 2018

Jerome Duplessis es uno de los grandes nombres históricos del bondage francés. Tuvo dos webs muy famosas de mucho éxito, CaptiveCulture y LatexCulture, creadas en el año 2000, que tuvo que cerrar más de quince años después por una grave enfermedad que tuvo Jerome.

Jerome fue uno de los pioneros del bondage en Francia, cuando antiguamente el bondage era una aventura humana que iba más lejos de las cuerdas. Era incluso como un mundo clandestino, y hay historias maravillosas de bondage profesional donde nos podemos encontrar la pasión, el entusiasmo, la aventura, la emoción, el trabajo muy bien hecho y la diversión.

Con Jerome hemos hablado de muchos detalles que os sorprenderán en esta genial entrevista, y os ayudarán a conocer cómo era aquella época en los años 2000 de los pioneros del bondage, hasta la transformación actual del bondage.


First, how are you feeling? are you feeling any better?.

As I often say, we all have our problems and when you speak with others people, you can always find worse situations. In my case, I spent 4 weeks in a bed at the hospital on February 2017 and got an heavy surgery for a cancer which was probably inside me since a while. It has been difficult, even more for my wife who had to help me after I went back at home. I used my office as medical bedroom and had to fight to walk again … you are not prepared to live like an old man when you are 45 years old. One year later, I'm alive and happy to be there for my love but everything is different. Some activities are simply impossible because of the colostomy and my daily routine isn't very cool. I am frustrated but there is no other option. Anyway, sorry for being boring ! Next question.

You has been created CaptiveCulture on 2000, and I liked your website. Why do you close your website in 2016?.

There were two reasons I had to close my websites; First, the money income wasn't covering the fees anymore, mainly hosting and taxes because I stopped to pay myself since a long time. Second, I closed my company before to generate any debt and didn't want to continue any commercial activity without a legal business. It would have been too risky for me : I didn't want to lose my social welfare because I knew my health state would cost a lot of money.

What was "Captive Culture" for you? And what was "Latex Culture" for you? It's emotion? Amazing? Passion? Glamour?.

For me, the whole story is a human adventure, Everything started because I was running a personal page on the internet since 1996. It was the early years of the worldwide web but there were a lot of people visiting my website to watch only few pictures every week. I was working in the DTP industry and it was my hobby. I managed this page like you play to a city builder but, one day, I decided to do my own pictures. You have to understand there was only few photographers at this period and not a lot pics available. Most of the time, people like me were browsing the newsgroups to find something new. Fetish photography was underground but I knew this would change.

Photo / Courtesy : Jerome Duplessis

Captive Culture was launched on September, year 2000. I posted several photo series for free thinking I could pay the production fees with banner ads. It didn't work. Then, few months later, the members area have been created and updated every week for more than 15 years. In the beginning, Captive Culture was dedicated to my own exploration of the BDSM universe … I was crazy about bondage and latex clothes but, after a while, I noticed some people wanted more fetish without any restraint. That's why I decided to open Latex Culture which was proposing a different content with its own exclusive photo series and movies.

So, for me, all this is a mix of passion and experience. I worked hard for years and experienced a lot of situations. Too many for an interview … I could write a book but my english isn't good enough.

What's the best part of this job?

Because I stopped to shoot since several years now, it's easy to answer. Today, I miss the unique atmosphere of those afternoons taking pictures and binding girls.

I am not only talking about the kinky side. When you work with a model, you start to share a lot of things. My best memories are often associated to laugh. I know everything is easier when you bring some fun to a photo session, before to start or between two scenes. And sometimes, it's easy to forget you're working, just because everything is natural. That's what I liked. Do you remember the term "human adventure" … that's all about emotion. When you shoot and bind a woman, she's facing to different feelings. You are there to catch and manage it. If you don't get any good emotion, there is no pleasure for me, she and you.

By the way, all your latex, your tight catsuit, high heel shoes, strict corset, etc Where do you have all those clothes?

In the very beginning of Captive Culture, I had a deal with Demonia which is still the biggest french shop related to the BDSM universe. Because I was bringing a lot of web traffic to their website, I was authorized to borrow several clothes or items every week-end. I had nothing to pay and everything was returned right on time after use. It was cool but their stuff was looking cheap and oversized. So, I quickly started to buy my own clothes. At this period, there was nothing good in my country. Then, I went to London and brought my first latex items. At this time, House of Harlot didn't have a shop, just a showroom. I went there like I was used to do in my previous job, talking about recurring orders and discount prices.

Captive Culture was generating enough money to buy all these clothes. I have never been here to take the money of my members for nothing. Each dollar generated was used for the production : model, photo stuff, model, hosting fees, clothes. All this latex has been one of the biggest expenses. That's why I made a deal with House of Harlot on 2001 and did the same with Libidex and Breathless three years later. I didn't want to trade because freedom was essential to my eyes. They kindly offered me a 25% discount which was useful to buy more clothes.

I had to sell some of those items to pay the bills and taxes before to close my websites but I still have a nice collection of fetish clothes. That's also why many models loved to visit my house and shoot with me. They didn't have to bring their suitcase ! It was better for them and me. After a try, we were able to choose the best outfit for each girl and, last but not least, they were enjoying to be dressed and shot with those latex clothes.

Photo / Courtesy : Jerome Duplessis

Do you remember of your first bondage model? Were you nervous?.

Yes, I remember. She never modeled before and I never tied a girl before. Of course, I was nervous. I wasn't sure about being able to do nice pictures and I remember that first day has been crazy. I had to rent light units, drive to the shooting location, install everything, welcome and shoot the girl before to go back to the store before 6PM. That was a lot of stress but I like to be challenged.

Her name was Julie. She has been one of those girls I shot one-time only. Few weeks later, I got the chance to meet Greta who is the one in my mind. She became the first face of Captive Culture and we did many sessions for several months. Some ladies brought something different to my website, Greta helped me to discover lot of things.

You are one of the pioneers in France, if we speak of bondage. How did you get into bondage?.

We all have some memories from our childhood and that's difficult to explain why.

I started to dig into the BDSM universe while I was a teenager. Don't ask me how, but I was used to buy a french magazine dedicated to sadomasochism. In France, we had a virtual chat network before the internet, it helped me to talk about it with others people first. I tried to explore this way with the girl I loved when I was 20 years old but without any success. I have been less kinky while I started to work but with the rise of internet, I discovered a lot of beautiful pictures. My favorites are still the work of Corty Thompson and Jim Weathers. When I started Captive Culture, I was expecting to do something cool and nice like their production.

Tell us about the bondage culture in France. What is your opinion?

Because I am 45 years old, I am able to speak about the evolution. Before 2004, bondage was underground and it was difficult to find models for shooting. Most of the girls I tied have never been bound before. At this period, I had to explain what "glamour bondage" was and how it could be playful. They had a bad opinion about BDSM and were nervous about living the situation. That's why I was more talking like a producer than a photographer. It was all about psychology. I had to say there was nothing sexual or disrespectful behavior and she could trust me. I was used to pay my models and protect our rights with a contract; Some of them were modeling for amateur photographers : lingerie or topless, nothing more. On a social aspect, the difficulty was related to the nature of french education : for example, one girl born in the 70's got a low exposure to the porn culture which was outside the family circle. Ladies born in the 80's were more open-minded because there was a lot of nudity on TV screens. Then came internet which brought a massive change in France. That's why, in the early years of Captive Culture, I met only few girls who were really kinky : Greta was the exception, she was a gothic girl born in 1982 and, yes I had to wait her 18th birthday to shoot her.

After 2004, I started to meet more girls attracted by the fetish universe. Bondage was still something new for those women but they were curious about it. No need to say movies like Underworld and Matrix popularized the shiny outfits … like Marilyn Manson who also sensibilized a lot of teenagers and young adults to soft bondage after the wedding with Dita. At this period, I was able to find more and more models for fetish and bondage sessions. Of course, I was a little bit known on the local scene and my models were the best advertisement I could expect. When you're a girl looking for a photographer, there is nothing better to ask an advice to another lady. If the feedback is positive, you begin to trust him.

Does culture move forward or backward?

Through the years, I saw the evolution of the internet. After a long time watching glamour bondage, the audience asked for more. Beside the porn content made by the Kink empire, I noticed and was an actor of the rise of japanese bondage. On year 2008, I provided one picture to Wikipedia which is still used a reference for different articles. One year later, I created "the shibari school" to organize friendly meetings where some people were invited for free. I was doing one performance before to let others playing under the spotlights. At this period in France, it wasn't easy to get advices from riggers. We were only few people sharing their passion and I welcomed some french artists who are still teaching today. I wasn't interested by the quest of ego which is a poison for the bondage scene. I know what I did and brought to the community through all these years. One day, I stopped to create or join any event because I had the feeling my mission was over : a lot of people were attracted by japanese bondage and I didn't have the time anymore. My wife became the priority of another adventure started on 2011. Today, I think quantity doesn't mean quality. For me, the evolution is negative because many people follow the move without understanding what bondage is really is.

Photo / Courtesy : Jerome Duplessis

Are there many changes in the Bondage Community since your first day? Are these for good or for bad? What is the more important?.

As a pioneer, I liked when bondage was underground. Everything changed after "Fifty Shades of Grey" and I prefer to stay outside. I know there are many riggers trying to do a business with ropes in France, like in many others countries. I don't like the idea of workshop. I did it two seasons for "l'école des cordes" when it was located in a BDSM club called "cris et chuchotements" … that's the most boring experience of my rigger's life, mainly because I wasn't free to do how it should be. No teaching and No money. If you want my opinion about bondage culture, paying to learn the art of ropes is a wrong idea. You don't need a workshop for this, even more when the essential isn't teached. Japanese bondage isn't a martial art … bondage is beautiful but you cannot disconnect it from the kinky side, our sexual nature and needs. Nowadays, I mainly see marketing and business technics. That's a shame because there are some beautiful ties daily posted on instagram. Not to share a passion. Just to get more likes … and potential customers !

Sorry, we say "student" in this lovely world full of complicated words. In my eyes, ropes are still something simple and playful and that's what it should be.

How many people worked at Captive Culture? Or are you alone?.

Since the beginning, I decided to work alone. As a manager editing books for french embassies or big companies, I was able to manage all the tasks required : image editing, design, marketing, back-office. Of course, I discovered how to manage the production planning and how to work with models too. In my previous jobs, I have always been able to evolve and learn by myself. That's what I did with photography, video editing and ropes. It was a lot of work but I liked it. Captive Culture was a full-time job, 7 days a week with 6 days dedicated to the post-production and 1 day for shooting. For the photo session, I was used to ask a friend to assist me, he was giving an extra hand and was able to take some pictures when I was busy with my ropes. Sometimes, I invited some fans to share my experience about my work. When I started to do a weekly session, I was also used to pay one of my models to assist the girls. I got several assistants, mainly Dana and Anaïs. They were there to makeup and dress the girls. It was really useful to create a cool atmosphere with new models because there was always another woman in the room. Of course, I did many sessions alone for different reasons : it was more intimate but less productive. In the last years, that's how I worked most of all the time. I had to produce less content for my websites and my philosophy changed. I stopped thinking like a producer … this experience as photographer and rigger increased my artistic side. For years, I have been a story-teller. I think something happened in 2008. My work became focused on my wish to catch the truth and emotion instead of creating an artificial scene. As I said, Captive Culture was a human adventure and it changed me … but that would be too long to explain !

There are many mythical models that have worked for your. How many models have you worked in all these years with you?

In the beginning, the number of models is important but, after a while, you stop to count. I would say approximately 50. That's a lot but like for the girls I tied without using a camera, I still have the same in mind. When you shoot some girls weekly for one, two or three years, your memories about them are stronger. I think that's the same for my viewers : they should have the feeling Captive Culture was focused on those models I shot several times. That's not totally wrong. In my head, I had my favorites and some others girls were coming as special guest in their story. I always tried to show more than a body. I wanted to make my model lovable by the fans. If I was there to help the girl to explore her own fantasies, my members were like the witnesses. I'm happy to know some fans still have a crush for Mina, Anaïs, Dana … ten years later or even more ! Just because they know some of my models shared something priceless with us. Many of these girls discovered all the things we love : bondage, domination, spanking, suspension, rubber restraint, forced orgasm and even more. I know which girl kissed another woman for the first time and I was there to make it real for she. I got the luck to capture so many memories for those ladies who accepted to play the game. They didn't expose their body only … modeling is addictive but not so easy.

Photo / Courtesy : Jerome Duplessis

Tell us a funny anecdote during one of your bondage sessions.

That's hard to choose. I have several anecdotes in mind. I could talk about the day I bound a 20 years old lady on my bed while her mother was watching us. She was working for a fetish magazine and asked me to shoot her daughter … after the latex stuff, I catched her in my ropes.

There was a very cool atmosphere but there nothing more to say about his unique experience. So let's share the following one : at this period, I wanted to bring some new games in my universe.After five years shooting glamour bondage, I was expecting to use a magic wand vibrator with the girls who were curious about it. That day, Anaïs was bound on the floor after she got spanked on video. I asked her if she wanted to try that evil toy. She agreed and I started to vibe her nicely. After only 15 seconds, she got her first orgasm in front of the lens. She asked me to stop the vibrator and started to laugh. She said "I'm so sorry" hiding her face with her long and beautiful hair. She has been so surprised to experience an orgasm, so quickly, with a man who wasn't a boyfriend and, last but not least, catched on video.

I liked her attitude which was so natural. We managed the situation with care. She told me the vibrator was very efficient and she should buy one and, after one minute, we continued the scene. That's, for me, what Captive Culture really was. An exploration of those situations you can see everywhere on the internet but with girls who never lived it before. Of course, the result was always interesting !. For the little story, my framing was focused on the face of Anaïs because that's I wanted to show. As I explained to my model after she has been untied, this moment was priceless, pretty intimate and that's why I never published this scene. She had no reason to feel uncomfortable about the situation. I totally understood her bashfulness but she quickly managed this emotion. And, yes, we used the vibrator many times later for several photo and video sessions with Anaïs and some others girls. She even convinced several models to try the magic wand !

What is your opinion about piratery digital? What do you think about this problem?

It's a plague. It killed many websites including mine. As I was used to write on my blog, people not paying music or movies will never understand than a membership is the only way to support a producer or photographer. People want everything for free but the problem is solved. The adult industry is almost dead and you couldn't do Captive Culture anymore. Why ? Because the good-old time is over. End of an era. When I started, there were no rules, only few websites. We didn't have to fight with credit card companies and their censorship. We were able to use the word "breathplay" or "forced orgasm" without being banned. I started my website right on time, I worked hard but I have been lucky too. Nowadays, you have to post your pics for free on social networks and try to sell prints, workshops or get some support on Patreon or similar tools. Piracy started to kill the adult industry but social networks finished it. The truth is Facebook, Tumblr or Imgur encourage the piracy acts. That's strange but there are ton of blogs or pages which are never deleted but when your own account is censored all the time. Before, password sharing and complete siterip were the enemies. Now, the plague is all the people reposting pictures without any credit, creating a massive collection of pics and removing all the watermarks. That's simply a lack of respect. When you are unable to create something, you steal the work of someone else. That's sad because all this will discourage many creators. Anyway, that's a society problem : most of people don,'t think properly, they are just acting selfish and don't care about the consequences.

What do you do now?. What's your job?

Nothing. I closed my company, started to find a new job and got my cancer. Since last year, I spend my days at home expecting my body won't be a source of pain for few hours. My health state doesn't allow me to work, unfortunately. That's why I decided to come back on social networks and my blog to share my archives for free. That's a hobby which gives me the opportunity to wash my brain and escape from my problems.

Photo / Courtesy : Jerome Duplessis

Tell us about yourself. What are you like (extroverted, funny, nervous, shy, etc)?

I'm a simple man with high expectations. I am never satisfied or happy about what I do or live. My brain is always on like a chess player. I'm pragmatic and strongly believe in some valors : work and loyalty are essential to me. My mind is dark but I like to make laugh others people using different ways. I am anxious by nature and try to control everything, including myself. That's not easy to know what I feel or think. If you have a problem or question, talk to me and I will always help or answer. Communication is important for me. Sharing too. I am what you are with me : if you nice, I am cool. But if you play bad, I can be an asshole. If you are interested about psychology, my profile is probably ISTJ.

What are your three greatest strengths? And your three greatest weaknesses?.

Empathy, intelligence and obstinacy are my strong points.

Sensitivity, anxiety and impulsiveness are my weak points.

What is your greatest wish? What's your wish-list for the future?

I just wish to stay alive and protect my wife. Nothing more. I know there will have bad days within the future because of my health state but I take each day one by one. I got a nice and unique life, I had dreams but everything is impossible now. There are things you are unable to control or change. A time machine would be helpful but we are not in a sci-fi movie. Honestly, I would just like take a vacation from my problems and bring back the best of me.

Are you on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram?.What is your opinion about social networks?

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter searching @captiveculture and @latexculture . I am also @ilovefrenchgirls on Instagram and Tumblr . I started using social networks in 2007 to promote my work and, now, that's a way to keep connected with the people who appreciate my photography. But I have never been addicted to these tools mainly because I prefer to talk or meet people. Virtual life is cool. Real one is better.

Where is your pictures and movies now?

I slowly bring back my best productions through my blog at using a free hosting service where you can can download my zip archives.

What advice do you give to people and relationships that want to practice bondage for the first time?.

Be yourself. Don't play a role. Be respectful. Take your time. Be playful. Enjoy every moment. That's what I recommend. Bondage is something unique. You have to think about everything and find the right way to do it. Follow your way with the right partner and take care about details. Bondage has never been so popular. Everything is easier nowadays. I did it alone, with no experience and contacts. You just need to feel the passion inside you.