January 22, 2018

Lew Rubens es un atador espectacular, asombroso, maravilloso. Lew Rubens es uno de los mejores atadores que he visto en bondage. Es muy creativo, es muy original, y es sorprendente porque le gusta trabajar sesiones muy diferentes. Tiene escenarios outdoor preciosos, y sus sesiones son todo un arte.

Yo conocí personalmente a Lew Rubens en 2008 en Alemania. Mi experiencia fue muy buena. Hice un par de sesiones como modelo con él sobre el escenario, fue muy simpático, y un excelente profesional.

Ahora imparte clases por todo el mundo, conocidas como "Lewbari", que es su magistral shibari. Se puede ver muchas de sus sesiones en su web Lewrubens.com , y por supuesto nosotros estamos encantados de publicar su entrevista, con la que podéis conocer detalles personales y profesionales de este extraordinario atador.


You're an idol. You're one of the great bondage Riggers. How did you get into bondage?.

So nice of you to call me one of the great bondage riggers. Thank you so much.

As for how I got into bondage? That is a tricky question in my case. Anything to do with bondage caught my attention from my earliest conscious memories. Every tv show where someone got tied up, Playing bondage games on the playground.... cowboys and indians, playing army and capturing the enemy... I remember in detail the first bondage I did with a girl. I was 4 years old, she was 4 years old. I don't know why I wanted to tie her up but I found a piece of clothesline and did my first tie on a girl. I didn't know it was sexual for me until adolescence and then I stopped tying up boys...lol

All my adult relationships included it or the relationship would not work. Professionally, I hooked up my first computer in late winter of 2000 or 2001 and found the bdsm lifestyle scene as well as a person within the scene that was a bondage producer. Several good stories later I had my first bondage website - Boundndetermined.com up in spring of 2002. Later that year I got fired from my job for trying to pick up a model on the job and I have been doing this for a living ever since.

What's the best part of your job?.

The best part of my job is that I get to tie up beautiful women. I still breathe a little bit faster every time I tie up someone new. What a life!

I know your Lewbari Weekend in Salem, Oregon, in Mason City, Iowa, in Karlsruhe, Germany, in Orlando... etc ... Wow... There are many trips in a year. Do you like travelling a lot? How are these LewBari Weekend experiences?.

I have been so lucky to teach my Lewbari Weekends in many wonderful places. Those you mentioned, Barcelona, Australia, New Zealand, many places in Canada. I do have to admit that I'm getting a bit tired of traveling. I like being at these wonderful places but I hate airplane prison. lol So I'm trying to travel less than the 10 or 12 trips per year that I did for the first 10 or 12 years doing this. Soon I hope that people will come to me for Lewbari Weekends.

The experiences have been so amazing. It's very intensive teaching so we all bond and develop relationships, memories and have great fun.

I end the Weekends feeling like I have made new friends every time. I'm still in contact with people from the very first one in 2006 in Vancouver, BC Canada!

That sounds like fun. When Are you planning to travel? What is your next travel schedule in 2018, by the LewBari?.

It looks like I'll be teaching a version of my Lewbari Weekends in Spain after Boundcon!!! No others planned right now. The thing about these Weekends I like people to know is that these things are well structured and the class fees pay for my expenses AND the teaching venue!! So it's not difficult for a group to get me out to them!

Photo: Lewrubens.com

Photo: Lewrubens.com

You have been making your living tying up girls since 2002... and continuous, right?. How has bondage evolved from when you began until now?.

Hmmm.....I guess the biggest changes have happened in the Japanese rope bondage circles. When I started "Shibari" was just coming into prominence here in America and we were all swept up in the beauty and grace and FUN of emulating the pictures we saw and teaching each other as best we could. "Suspension bondage" became a craze that took over the country. My personal biggest changes came when I started trying to find ways to make suspension bondage more comfortable for the average person. These changes led to a very different style than the typical Japanese style bondage used. My style. Then a friend called started calling what I do "Lewbari" and that became my brand.

The "other bari" ha ha ha.

The other biggest change was that in those early days in Seattle, Washington, I could go to the biggest bdsm club Saturday after Saturday and once in a while see a rope bondage suspension. Now rope bondage suspensions are a huge part of every dungeon and even. You could never even imagine in those early days that there would be huge rope related events!!

These changes in the Bondage Community, are these for good or for bad?.

Yes. As with anything to do with humans....good and bad go together. The good is obvious. Many more happy ropey people!! The bad is in the old days I could set my play bag down and go to get some water or talk with friends and when I came back, my bad would still be there. In the last 6 to 8 years I have lost two full toy bags worth thousands of dollars and items that can never be replaced. I guess people thing that since I'm well known I was rich too? Anyway, I try to watch my bags closer now. Sad but true.

Besides bondage, what do you do?. What's your job? Or your work bondage full time?.

It's my full time job. I make video content, I have teaching videos, a product website, I travel and teach....anything i can do to survive. Which is not easy. I barely make a living but I love what I do.

If we speak of event, of course, we speak of BoundCon in München, or FetishCon in Tampa, Florida. What is your experience in this events?.

I love Boundcon. I headlined the first one and have been there many times over the years and have developed strong friendships. I love the event.

Fetishcon I also love but the two events are very different. Fetishcon is mostly bondage industry. Models and producers network there. Hundreds of beautiful bondage models and many of them line up to be tied by me. So much fun!!

Photo: Lewrubens.com

How was your experience at WaterBondage? Why did you leave your job in WaterBondage?.

My time at kink.com running Waterbondage.com was a very rewarding experience. Good/bad, love/hate in all things but over all I liked my time there but am much happier doing my own thing now. I found out while there that I am a pure bondage guy....and NOT a porn guy. Learning that difference while there was an important thing in my professional development. Aslo that difference was why kink.com and I did not always see eye to eye and the reason for me not being there.

What is your opinion about piratery digital? What do you think about this problem?.

Hate it...can't stop it...never will. So I live with it and am happy there ANYONE buys my stuff with all the pirated material out there!!

What advice do you give to people and relationships that want to practice bondage for the first time?.

GO. SLOW. And get my teaching videos!! ha ha!

What are the requirements to be a bondage model, for you?.

Passion. Try to be good at what you do!!.

How many people work with you?. Are you alone?

I have a small circle of friends that come to hold ans point a video camera for me. I'm very thankful to them for that because they definitely don't do it because of the high rate of pay. lol

Other than that I do almost everything and I do it badly. I'm terrible at running a business. I've had no training and while I've improved a little at it, I and definitely not a good businessman.

Photo: Lewrubens.com

Photo: Lewrubens.com

What are the typical working hours, in a bondage photo-shoots?.

My video shoots usually go between 4 to 6 hours. And usually closer to 4 and it's also usually ME that gets tired first.

Tell us a funny anecdote during one of your bondage sessions.

How about a link as a shortcut to many funny anecdotes? My fetlife writings. Start here and look around: https://fetlife.com/users/13583/posts/544890 .

What is for you bondage? It's emotion? Fantasy? Passion?.

All the things.... My bondage kink is so strong I've never been able to have sex without bondage. Once I started making bondage art I get a creative buzz for the process that is amazing! The creation buzz has crossed over into inventions. Lew Rubens LipLocker Gag, Stocks in a Box, FTP Trainers. I also make my own version of a nipple tree.

Bondage is my life, my love, my passion.

Find all those things and more here: http://www.thelewbaristore.com/

What are you like?

I like to think that I'm an easy going introvert who has learned to act like I'm not to do what I do now. I like people, I feel incredibly lucky to do what I do and I give back to the community whenever I can.

I try to be honest, reliable, loyal to my friends and I'm always looking forward to the next bit of fun. Even if I have to instigate it!

What do you like? (music, reading, etc). Maybe Baseball? Are you supporter of New York Yankees? Because I remember on your Twitter, last time, a post with your first Yankee game hehe.

I like so many things. I read almost uncontrollably in the fantasy genre. I'm a pretty decent cook and love to cook for friends. I love th outdoors. I hike, camp, throw my boomerangs, fly my two-stringer kite, fish, make sand castles, ride my bike, love yardwork, going to see a movie, I watch lots of Netflix at home. I played baseball all through school and 25 years of softball afterwards. But hurt my knee a few years ago and haven't been able to run since. So now I watch. :( .

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years (retired on an island, millionaire, politician, etc) ? hahaha.

I can't think of a better life for myself. Years ago I was way beyond anything I could imagine before I came into this world. I truly am living the dream. No, I'm living beyond my dreams.

More money would be nice and I'm hoping the the new water bondage site I'm developing will help with that. I hope to have it up withing 6 months or so.

Are you on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram? And your website?.What is your opinion about social networks?.

I have all the above and I KNOW they are important these days for business but I don't keep up with them very well

Like others Riggers, you book of your story also will be wonderful to read. When can we expect the book?.

I do plan to do a book....but I don't know when.