March 02, 2022

Andre Toon Man es un artista bondage que lleva desde la década de los 90 demostrando su arte con los dibujos bondage, y me encanta entrevistar los artistas que tienen muchos años de experiencia. También empezó a hacer fotos bondage en el año 2005, y ha trabajado con modelos míticas y muy famosas del bondage.

En esta entrevista le he preguntado por sus dibujos, su bondage, sus fotografías, y conocer sus opiniones.

Os he publicado la entrevista original en inglés, y también os he publicado la traducción en español, para toda la comunidad internacional bondage. Selecciona tu idioma con el botón justo debajo de este texto.


Tell me about your drawing. You're started drawing in the late 90s, the era of bondage magazines. When did you first discover your gift in art? Do you remember what your first drawing were?.

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. Drew a lot as a kid. Mostly comics. That was my passion back then. I wanted to be a comic book artist or a comic strip cartoonist. My heroes were Charles Schulz (Peanuts), Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey), Dik Browne (Hagar The Horrible), Morrie Turner (Wee Pals) and so many more.

Photo: Andre Toon Man

Do you have a specific kind of subject you like to draw? Do you draw from real life? Or what are you working on?.

I really don't draw from "real life" unless you count bondage photos as a guide and I have an extensive collection of bondage images from over the years. Before I got into doing fetish art, funny book comics are what I was working on. Unfortunately, that venture failed considerably.

On average, how long can a drawing take for you to create and what kind of medium do you use?.

A drawing can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days depending on the position and situation I'm trying to capture. I'm old school so I draw with good ol' pencil and paper then ink in the images. The images are then scanned into the computer and colored via Photoshop.

Where does the name "The Toon Man"? Why you have been called "The Toon Man"?.

Because for the first few years before I began taking pics in 2005, that's all I did. Drew dozens of damsel cartoons in color and black and white.

You are also photographer of ladies in bondage since 2005. Did you set out always wanting to do both? Which do you prefer, photographer or artist?.

I really hadn't thought much about taking pics. Not until I began attending my first fetish conventions (called BondCon back then from 2001 to 2004). Finally got the opportunity in 2005 during the convention there. I like both the photography and the drawings in equal amounts. Video I still have some issues with, but overall give me still images to work with.

At what point did it become a "career"?.

A career? Lol... it never was. I have a vanilla day job full time. For me, this is like a very expensive weekend hobby, lol... And I enjoy it a lot. Met a lot of very nice folks, especially the ladies. I treasure their friendship and the fact that they trusted me to work with them.

Photo: Andre Toon Man

You've shot with very notable models, Samantha Grace, Lynn Winters, Tomiko, and more. Is there anyone's career that you appreciate or want to mirror? Do you have any muses or models that you are always loving to work with? Models that you've always thought about and said, "Okay, I really like the way they've handled their career".

I've loved all of the ladies I've worked with. And happily we got along beautifully on every shoot. Some, such as Lynn Winters and Kordelia Devonshire, became good friends that I still keep in touch with. In this age of Covid, it must be tough trying to keep a modeling career going but I see many ladies out there trying their best. There are models from the past that I wish I could have worked with but retired before I had the opportunity to ask. Ladies such as Sadie Belle, Whitney Prescott, Kelsie Chambers and so many more.

Do you have a very methodical way to create?.

Methodical? When it comes to shoots I always keep things light and breezy. No pressure. I usually end up telling a lot of corny jokes and such to keep the ladies at ease. Drawing on the other hand, when the inspiration comes I sketch for a bit and it could be an hour or maybe the entire afternoon or evening.

You've collaborated with Jon Woods. How was it working with Jon Woods? Tell me about your experience.

Working with Jon was amazing. He and Lorelei supervised my first 3 shoots. I learned so much from them. And his drawings are incredible. He came up with the basic concepts of the drawing and all I did was add a few "Andre" touches and ink them in. Those were fun to do and I still have more upcoming.

Photo: Andre Toon Man

Do you think bondage in the modern world, can be used as a powerful tool for culture and art?.

I honestly don't know. This country has so many reactionary elements going on right now I'm not sure if bondage is even perceived as a positive element here. Between the 2257 laws and all the laws regarding content and credit card companies being able to judge whose sites are "acceptable" or not is a huge worry.

Since you've started almost 20 years ago, how do you find the pace of bondage now? The industry's changed quite considerably since you started out..

The biggest change I've seen is the considerable output of "bondage sex" being depicted. 20 years ago you just couldn't do it. Now, we have websites totally devoted to it. Not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just surprising to see how much of it there is, lol....

What is the difference of the United States bondage industry from the rest of the world?.

I have no idea. It's nice to see conventions such as BoundCon in Germany but I have no idea if Germans or Europeans overall are more accepting or open to it than Americans.

How do you define bondage? What do you consider bondage?.

To me, bondage can be an art form. I prefer the "damsel style" myself. I like clothed or lingerie rather than nude, although a have collected a few nude vid clips and pics over the years. But the vast majority of what I depict is clothed or lingerie. I also don't go for the more violent or punishing forms of bondage. No whip marks or bruises and stuff like that.

Tell me a little about yourself. What are you like (extroverted, funny, shy, etc.)? What do you like to do outside of your job?.

Not a whole lot to say about myself. Just a guy who enjoys looking at and drawing pretty ladies tied up. Definitely a bit of an introvert. I'm not a good public speaker and have a tendency to keep to myself a lot.

Photo: Andre Toon Man

What about something you can't do without?.

Jazz. Especially older jazz such as Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, Count Basie, et al. I relax by listening to them and it's a mighty sad day when I don't have time to listen to a tune or two.

Outside of bondage, what is one thing that would surprise people about you? What's one thing outside of your work that you would like people to know about you?.

I'm a baseball fanatic, lol... Played it as a kid and still enjoy watching ball games. And I'm a NY Mets fan (yeah, I guess I have a masochistic streak in me, lol)....

What is your best feature? And your worst feature? What's something you're terrible at?.

I can draw high heels from different angles and I love drawing ladies gagged with tape. The worst thing for me to draw is bare feet. I SUCK at drawing feet. I'm really glad I don't have a foot fetish because I'd be very unhappy with myself, lol...

How impactful has social media been in your life? What's your point of view on social media?.

Social media? I don't get too involved with it. I'll promote my site on Twitter and Fet Life but that's about it. I will NOT get into flame wars with people over politics. It's just not worth it. I don't mind discussing issues in person as long as the person is calm and rational but if they want to scram and rant, I just walk away.

What are some things that you have on the horizon? Any goals? What can we expect to see from Andre the Toon Man in the next years?.

Luckily, I have a few new toon sets on the horizon plus a few more photo and video clips. Like I said, I have a full time day job so I can only work on my stuff whenever the schedule loosens up here and there. But I'm still at it! I plan to be around for as long as I can.

Last question, are you on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram? Websites?.

You can find me as Andre Toonerman on Twitter , Fetlife and of course my website is That's where you'll find all my current toons, photosets and video clips. And thank you for the opportunity to tell some of my story.