April 06, 2022

CinchedandSecured es uno de los productores y artistas más importantes en el bondage estricto y las momificaciones. Su página web, cinchedandsecured.com, contiene momificaciones y bondage de todo tipo, incluido tape bondage.

Sus fotos y sus vídeos transmiten pasión por el bondage, y hemos querido hacerle esta interesante entrevista para que el público internacional, también el público español, pueda conocer su trabajo, su estilo, su técnica, y aprender lecciones y consejos que nos explica en su experiencia profesional.

Os he publicado la entrevista en su idioma original en inglés, y también os he publicado la entrevista traducida al español.


You are the premiere artist and bondage producer specializing in tight ropes, tight gags and tight mummifications. First of all, I wanted to take you down memory lane back to when you first started. How did you get started? How did it all begin?.

I suppose my interest began as a kid, watching the old Batman television show and becoming VERI interested when Batgirl would find herself tied up at the hands of nefarious evildoers. The late 1960's and early 1970's were a GREAT time to grow up with an interest in bondage, as nearly every crime drama had some sort of bondage scene in it. Those things imprinted on me and started my interest at a very young age. As for practicing bondage in real life, I was a bit of a late bloomer there, not getting into until my late forties, but I like to think I have made up for lost time!.

How was your experience doing your first mummification? Were you nervous? Did you have any training or coaching? Or were you just thrown into the fire?.

I was and am very fortunate to have some amazing teachers in my life, and one happened to be very skilled at mummifications. He and a local model taught me the ins and outs and walked me through several mummifications before I soloed with my first one on my own. I'd had mummification fantasies going way back, and actually being able to mummify someone was a VERY pleasant experience!.

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For your mummifications and bondage tight, what inspires you when you're planning a shoots? Where do you normally get your inspiration? Now that we're living in a digital world there are so many visuals that you come across, how do you find fresh and exciting inspiration to suggest to models?.

There's really not a simple answer to that. I try to gear my shoots to the strengths of talent I am working with. Some are very good strugglers, some are very good actors, some have yet other talents. Tailoring a shoot to the strength of the people you work with is a great way to make everyone shine.

Of course, inspiration can come from any number of places. Sometimes I see a picture or remember a story or a fantasy I have long held, and the joy comes from not just recreating it, but in finding a way to make it my own.

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Your bondage tight is beautiful. I also see that beauty has been a part of your world bondage. What is it about bondage that you love as a form of expressions?.

Bondage is an opportunity to create an evolving canvas, a real-life work of art while also forging a connection between people. It's an expression of trust, love and creativity, and what could be better than that?.

Which do you prefer, studio or on location? Do you shoot on location mostly? What about the element of the outdoors excites you?.

I tend to shoot in a studio most often, as it allows me to have tighter control over more aspects of the shoot, and usually affords more privacy. Location shoots can be great fun, however, as they always have an element of unpredictability, no matter how well they are scouted or planned. Something Clips4sale always happens, and that forces one to find creative alternatives or workarounds that often end up being far better than whatever we may have planned for originally.

I read that you are trying to decide if I want to attend Fetishcon this year, because there are some folks you really want to work with there. Do you go to FetishCon finally? Who would you want to work with? Are there any producer, model, rigger, etc, you would love to work with and why?.

Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to attend FetishCon this year, which is a disappointment. A lot of great talent will be there, this year and every year, but I really did have hopes to work with Drea Morgan and Ophelia Kahn. However, one never knows what the future will bring!

Do you go to BoundCon? I read that you are likely going to have room for another shoot or two at BoundCon. I will like to work with you, :))))) but this year I don't go to BoundCon. Come you to Barcelona!!! :))))))) Tell me about your plans for displaying your work in a show in BoundCon.

Well, at BoundCon I simply go to shoot and observe, and this year I'll be working for the first time with several models including Alba Zevon and Kitty Quinzell! Plus I will be shooting again with the amazing Ariel Anderssen!. I am in no way a featured rigger so I don't display my work, although I am often persuaded to do a spontaneous mummification on the floor of the event!.

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How do you break the ice on set or backstage with your models?.

I find that explaining exactly what we have planned for the day goes a long way to making sure everyone feels comfortable and relaxed, and I also tend to use a lot of humor both in my work and during my interactions. I also have a habit of baking home made snacks for the models at every shoot. Sweets do wonders for making people feel at home!.

I have read that you are looking to connect with models in the western states as you relocate your business near the end of this year. Are you based in the western states right now? Why? Can you explain me?.

Right now, I am in the Midwest, but I will be relocating to move out west with my girlfriend. I've spent my whole life in one spot, and it's time now to relocate, travel a bit more, and start a new life with the lady I love!.

How do you select the new models? Are you always looking for new talent? What do you look for in a new face?.

We are definitely always looking for new talent, and I find that it's best to work with people who are either already established as a model but new to me, OR to work with people who may not have modeling experience but genuinely love being tied up. I personally look for expressive eyes, as the talent will be spending a lot of time emoting to the camera through them!.

In your shoots, do you have any personal rules that you'll never break? Any rituals you must abide by?.

My biggest rule is a simple one: No heroes. What we do can be very challenging physically, and so I always let the models know that we do not want them suffering through something just for the sake of a shot. If a model needs to have something changed, we stop and we change it. We NEVER want someone in any sort of unnecessary physical discomfort.

Tell us a funny anecdote during one of your bondage sessions. What is a shoots that sticks in your memory?.

I prefer to keep the temperature a bit on the cold side when I shoot, as mummifications get very warm. Before I quit smoking, I worked with a model who would secretly turn the heat up each time I went out for a cigarette. By the end of the shoot, I was roasting from the heat, and the model never told me what she was doing until the shoot was over, lol!.

About your gags big, are you particularly drawn to a certain type of gags? What is your favorite gag?.

My two favorites are tape gags and ball gags. I love the way a tape gag can really seal a person's mouth, but I adore the way a ball gag makes a model drool!.

Speaking of ones that you've taken, or would want to take: What makes a great photograph to you?.

For me a great photo tells a story AND also makes a connection between the subject and the viewer! I like the feeling that you could step into the picture and be a part of the action!.

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What advice would you give someone who wants to practice a mummification?.

I think mummifications are one of the most potentially dangerous things we do in this business, and so many things can go so very very wrong that I would advise people NOT to try mummifications UNLESS they can do them under the direct training and supervision of someone who has experience with them. Beyond that, the standard rules apply: Make CERTAIN you have safety shears handy to cut them out, make certain you are carefully watching the person's temperature, and pay very close attention to the tension you are using when you wrap.

What kind of visuals fed your curiosity - as a producer bondage - when you were a teenager?.

Growing up, I was a HUGE fan of the work put out by Harmony Concepts. Their style of "love bondage" and glamour bondage had a huge impact on me!.

What is your opinion about piratery digital? What do you think about this problem?.

Piracy is a HUGE problem, and one of the main reasons we have a lot of the restrictions we face when producing content. I'd love to do more elaborate shoots but thanks to piracy, it's not economically feasible to do so.

Switching gears, tell me a little about yourself. What are you like (extroverted, funny, shy, etc.)? What three words best describe your personality?.

Hmmm. I would definitely say I am funny and a bit extroverted. I spent decades doing theater, both professionally and for fun, and I have a good sense of the theatrical. If I were to chose three words to describe me, I'd say "Funny, warm, compassionate".

Besides bondage, what do you do? What's your job? Or your work bondage full time?.

I've recently increased the time I spent producing bondage videos and have drastically reduced the time I spend in the corporate world, which pleases me greatly. Next year I go full time in the bondage biz! When I am not tying people up or editing, etc, I LOVE to read and I am a huge fan of classic cinema, especially comedies starring Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy and the like!.

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Outside of bondage, what's one thing outside of your work that you would like people to know about you?.

I've struggled with depression for a long time, and I want people to know there is no shame in seeking help for your problems. In your darkest time when it seems no one gives a damn, always remember that someone DOES care about you, and the world is a place of unexpected delights if you allow yourself to be open to them.

Tell me about "Messy". Your cat. Where does the name "Messy"? Why your cat have been called "Messy"? And what are "Messy" like?.

Actually, my cat is named "Velvet" so I am not sure where the confusion lies there, lol. Her fur is very soft like Velvet, hence the name. She's a very affectionate cat, and quite a talker, but she certainly feels she is the queen of the castle, lol.

What's your point of view on social media? What relationship do you have with social media?.

Social media, like most technology, can be a wonderful thing, and it has afforded me the chance to directly interact with some amazing people and fans. However, it can also lead to ostracization, and makes it very easy to lose oneself in their own little bubble. It is very important to interact physically with people and things if for no other reason than to remind ourselves that we are all human with thoughts and feeling and trials and challenges, and we could all stand to be a little kinder to each other..

Now looking into the future, do you have some specific goals?.

For the future, I'm most happy to building a new life with my girlfriend, and I am looking forward to working with new people, traveling, and growing my brand.

Lastly, are you on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram? Websites? Your official links.

People can find me on Twitter under the handle of @Cinched11 or my website, cinchedandsecured.com. You can also buy my work at clips4sale .