January 21, 2020

Joan Belle es una modelo indonesia que vive en Berlín, Alemania. Es una enamorada entusiasta de las cuerdas, y esto es una cualidad muy positiva en las modelos, porque es más fácil trabajar sesiones fotográficas muy buenas.

Cada año se van incorporando en toda Europa y a nivel mundial nuevas modelos al bondage, siempre en constante crecimiento. Joan Belle es una de estas modelos que ya tiene algunos años de experiencia, y ha demostrado tener un nivel, una pasión, que ha gustado a muchos atadores. Vive el bondage con emoción, lo siente, y este detalle es muy importante.

Nosotros hemos querido conocer un poco más a la modelo Joan Belle, sus inicios, sus inquietudes, sus aspiraciones, y otros aspectos que podéis leer en esta entrevista.


You are a great worldwide shibari and fetish model, and you are a really rope-enthusiast. First, tell us a bit about your background. I wanted to go to when you first started. How did you become interested in modeling?

I always had an interest in freestyle dancing. When I started studying psychology, I went to a dancing audition, originally for university events. I was chosen as a "sexy dancer" and subsequentlystarted working as a dancer and performed regularly, mostly in some popular clubs. Two years later a photographer from another city contacted me via Facebook. He thought I have the looks and offered me a paid photoshootíng. This started my modeling career.

Were you always interested in bondage?

Since the age of 12 I learnt about bondage from the internet. I watched hentai movies online, for example, but had no opportunities for any practical experience.

Tell us a bit about what it was like your first time as bondage model. What were your initial experiences of getting into modeling like?

I got to know a French photographer in Bali who was also into it.With him, I did my first modeling for bondage. The experience with him was positive, so we worked together on a regular basis.

Do you remember what your first impressions of the bondage industry were?

I did not really feel like I was in touch with some kind of "industry", just with the said photographer.As I mentioned, the experience with him was positive , so I continued on that road. Only 2 years later I started working with another photographer, but then others followed soon.

Photo / Courtesy : Joan Belle

Photographer : Stereoeye ..... ////// ..... Rigger : Madame X

Do you have any rules you can't break? Any rituals you must abide by?

No permanent marks, no blood. I meditate before a session.

Tell us a funny anecdote during one of your bondage sessions.

When my costume ripped apart in my crotch and my rigger was banned from Facebook since the photo was published by a photographer.

What is your favorite memory, your best memory or most surprising experience in bondage?

Meeting my current (female) rope partner, Madame X

Quite the opposite, what do you consider the toughest aspect of this job?

Doing a session with a person where the chemistry is not perfect.

I saw that you shot with big names. What kind of photographers make being a model easy?

I prefer easy going photographers with a really professional conduct.

What's the most truly unrelated thing that has inspired you or left an impression on your work?

Music has always been a source of inspiration for me. I really like to experience my body through dancing since an early age, maybe this relates to my interest in the physical experience of bondage.

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming or inspiring models?

Be yourself and down to Earth! Work on building up your network of contacts to good rigger/photographers.

Do you have any plans for displaying your work in a shows in 2020?

BoundCon, of course. Apart from that, no other plans yet.

Tell me about BoundCon. Can you tell us about your experience and what you liked most?

I know BoundCon through one of my long term photographers. Right from the start, it was very interesting for me to learn about other fetishes and kinks, since in my home country, no venues like this would be possible. For me, it's the perfect place to make new professional contacts.

Photo / Courtesy : Joan Belle

Photographer : Stereoeye ..... ////// ..... Rigger : Madame X

In terms of acting, who would you want to work with? In a 'bondage wild dream' situation.

Akira Naka, Ren Yagamiren, Tessin Doyama.

Is there anything you haven't done that you would love to do?

Water bondage sounds intriguing.

Besides bondage, what do you do? What's your job? Or your work of bondage model full time?

Modeling for bondage is only part of my general work as an eroticmodel.

Which do you prefer? Ropes, handcuffs, or tape?

Ropes only.

Which sorts of settings do you prefer to shoot for? Outdoor, public, hogtied, suspension, shibari, many ropes, gagged, not gags, blindfolded, etc? Do you prefer hard or light bondage?

Shibari and suspension.

Which is your favorite outfit - the one you look and feel the most YOU in? Maid, heroine, lingerie, latex or nude?

Definitely maid.

What motivates you the most in this job?

To expand my experience in collaborating with rope artists all over the world.

What do you like to do when you're not modeling?

Exploring nice food, shopping.

Photo / Courtesy : Joan Belle

Photographer : Stereoeye ..... ////// ..... Rigger : Madame X

Do you have anyone that you look up to in the industry, - model, rigger, artist, or otherwise?

Akira Naka.

What's one thing that you would change about the bondage industry if you had a chance?


Do you think social media has changed the landscape of bondage?

Yes, a lot. Nowadays, you find many more inspiring communitys online.

Your eyes are Asian, but you live in Germany. Where are you from?

I am from Indonesia.

You say that you are polyamory on twitter. What is for you polyamory?

Being able to pursue different interests with different partners, albeit being in a long-standing relationship.

What is the biggest challenge in your life? Are you bold and adventurous?

Having moved to Europe. I guess that already answers the second question.

What are you like (extroverted, funny, shy, etc.)?

Semenawa. Semenawa? Sorry, I don't understand. Semenawa is torture ropes ,characteristic that i like : fierce and elegant .

What do you like doing in your free time?

Surfing the social networks, meeting friends.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now (retired on an island, millionaire hahaha actress TV, etc.)?

Commuting between Europe and Bali.

Final question. Let's talk about the future! What are the projects of your future? .

I will have a video project in Paris this summer.