March 01, 2020

Asiana Starr es una excelente modelo bondage con mucho nivel que, junto con su pareja Martin Williams, forman un equipo muy fuerte. Han convertido su vida personal BDSM en su forma de vivir, con cámaras en su hogar, shows y muchas otras actividades interesantes.

Su bondage es duro, exigente, esctricto, y Asiana Starr tiene la maravillosa virtud de ser sexy y sensual y saber transmitir dulzura dentro de ese sufrimiento que se puede ver en sus fotografías y sus vídeos.

Nosotros hemos hecho esta entrevista comenzando por Asiana Starr y próximamente con Martin Williams, para que el público español por todo el mundo pueda conocer su bondage.


You are a great bondage model. I like the passion tone on your shoots. How did you get into bondage?

Thank you so much! <3 I got into bondage when I met Martin. We met as model and photographer. He hired me to do a shoot and I agreed, so the first time we had ever met was the very first time I had been tied up! Ever since then, I was hooked!

What's the best part of your job?

For me, the best part of my "job" is being able to not only be myself, but I get to do all the things I love! I get tied up all the time and I always have a great excuse to dress up in pantyhose, heels and sexy outfits… not that I ever needed an excuse! Lol

Besides bondage, what do you do?. What's your job? Or your work of Model Bondage full time? is my livelihood and I am very fortunate to say that. I live, eat and breathe it and wouldn't have it any other way!.

What is for your bondage? It's emotion? Fantasy? Passion?

Bondage to me is sex. I say it all the time. It's something that brings two people closer and builds intimacy. It's very personal and sexual to me. A lot of it is very emotional so even though creating content is obviously part of the process, I have a hard time separating my feelings from the camera and the audience. It is foreplay, it is sex, it's one of the most effective forms of stress relief for me.

Tell us a funny anecdote during one of your bondage sessions.

I would say the funniest anecdote has to be the time when Martin and I were shooting a custom where I played a model for hire who was at Martin's door. When he answered, I went for his hand to introduce myself but all that came out of my mouth was my real name lol What made it funny was the way I said it. It was one of those instances where you had to be there to find it funny. We both laughed so hard, Martin was in tears lol. That was also one of the most stressful customs we have ever shot so being able to have fun and laugh about it in the process made it much more enjoyable.

You are a real-life couple who play out their BDSM and bondage fantasies and just let's the camera roll. It's fabulous. How did you two meet?

Thank you! Martin and I met as model and photographer. Martin hired me to do a shoot and I agreed so the first time we met was also the first time I have ever been tied up! It was a pretty large gag and was hogtied in 6" stilettos - he came at with the whole deal and I took it like a trooper lol


What was your declaration of love like? Are you romantic? It was "I am madly in love with you, sweetheart, you are the love of my life"jajajaja or "Tie me up, I love hard bondage"?

We got together strictly for business so we had to be professional but it didn't take long before we both gave in to the obvious chemistry that was between us. Long story short, I fell in love with bondage and we fell in love with each other.

Once we finally got together, it was all about bondage and being together as much as we could and it is still that way now, except life doesn't allow us as much time as we'd want together! .

You have four LIVE streaming cams and 5 LIVE still cams at home, in the shower, the bedroom, or the scenes while Martin tie you up in the playroom. People watch you online, for LIVE streaming. How are your emotions? Is it exciting? It's fun? What are your feelings in front of the camera? Are you nervous?

I absolutely love it! It's exciting and can be a turn on at times because I love being watched. I have always been the type to dress up all the time but being on cam pretty much 24/7 gives me more of a reason!

You are a great model because you have many videos with strict ties, strict gagged and positions requiring hardcore endurance. What are your limits? What is your opinion about gags?

Thank you! I think it is safe to say that I love all gags. Though we both tend to go for a ball gag, I really love rope gags and even though they are not very effective, I love the look of a cleave gag. Hand gagging also makes me weak, if that counts lol.

I'm pretty open to a lot of things and will usually try anything at least once but I'm not really into extreme humiliation like being forced to drink out of a dog bowl or dress up like a pony lol Nothing wrong with it… just not my thing.

Which of the two is more hardworking? Asiana Starr or Martin Williams? Who is the "Boss"? And which of the two is more pervers, more naughty?

This one's going to be interesting to hear how Martin and I answer this lol.

We are both very hardworking but when it comes to this business, I am, hands down. And I only say this because Martin has a full-time job and is mine. Aside from that, I am also constantly multi-tasking throughout the day whereas men can only do one thing at a time LOL Also, business is here at home so it is easy for me to juggle work and home life.

We are both equal partners in business but I'm pretty damn bossy in real life as far as business, life and finances. I just like things organized, timely and I'm very particular so I like things my way. Not something I'm entirely proud of because sometimes I wish I could just let go. It's just hard for me lol I feel as though I constantly need to be in control or things will fall apart.

We are also both equally as perverted in our own ways. The only difference between Martin and I is that I have way more time to play and indulge in kink activities lol Remember, I work from home, Martin doesn't. So I can easily sit at my desk or run errands while my ass is plugged, my pussy is roped or I've got a pair of nipple clamps on underneath my shirt. The possibilities for me are endless lol.

I have a funny curiosity. Do you watch your own videos on the Internet? Do you watch your videos published? Do you read the comments of the people? Are you looking for your name on the Internet?

As for watching our videos for the purpose of JOM (jerk off material), Martin does. And I'm incredibly lucky to say that my man jerks off to me or our own porn lol.

I don't watch them because I am the one who edits all our content so I have already enjoyed the ones I favor and those are the ones that are more of our personal and intimate videos.

I do read all the comments online because I love interacting with our fans. I feel it's important to acknowledge the wonderful things they say and I'd hate for them to go unrecognized! As far as comments on pirated videos… I don't necessarily look for them but if I come across them, I'll read it.

I also don't necessarily look for my name on the internet but I will Google it from time to time just to see what's out there.

Do many fans write to you? What are the fan questions? Can you confess any funny comments that have been made to you?

Yes, many fans actually write to me. I receive many great questions! I always try to the time and respond to all messages and answer questions but the absolute best way to get to know me is by reaching me directly in our member's area via chat! I am usually always around and available 24/7!

How do you see yourself in the photos?

I am not really sure how to answer this one… when I see myself in photos or video, I reflect on what occurred. I am able to remember how I felt and what my emotions were during that time.

What are the typical working hours, in a bondage photo-shoots? What was your longest and hardest bondage session?

Typical working hours don't exist in our world because when I get tied up, it is very spontaneous unless we are doing a live bondage show. When I get tied up, we usually go at least 30 to 45-minutes but when we do a live show, we go a full hour.

When I get tied up in the bedroom or during times we are being intimate, it goes on for well over an hour. The longest and hardest bondage session happened on two different occasions. The first time was when Martin and I were still early in our romance, we met at a hotel and we went from I believe, 11am until 5pm. It was one position after another with maybe one break in between. The second time, we did an all-day affair that was partially planned. Martin snuck into my house while I was working in the office. I was grabbed from behind, then bound, gagged, and fucked over and over throughout the day. I swear, by the time we were done, it was dark outside lol.


You are one of the most exciting bondage models around today. The people say "bondage mega-star". You have many videos as submissive in predicament bondage, but also you are sexy and sweet in this videos, suffers, but you are sweet. You have many videos with stric ties, with mean punishment, not comfort, and hard hogtied. What is your favourite bondage?

Thank you! That really means a lot to me. This might come as a surprise but my favorite type of bondage that is more on the intimate side. I love hard bondage with a lot of attention and pleasure. So, take what we do during live shows for example, and incorporate a lot of touching, teasing, talking dirty, fingering, fucking, penetration, impalement, choking, breath play, kissing ect. You know… stuff that goes on in the bedroom that we don't share.

Tell us about yourself. What are you like (extroverted, funny, shy, etc.)?

The best way to explain my personality is that I'm very chill, easy-going and easy to please. I enjoy the simple things in life. I LOVE spending time with Martin whether we're out and about or spending a quiet night at home and I always make sure I dedicate my Sundays to family. But don't be mistaken - as long as I'm with the right crowd, I'm always down to go out and have a wild time! I just can't do it as often as I use to! Lol

What are your three greatest strengths? And your three greatest weaknesses?

My greatest strengths are organization and the ability to do a trillion things at once. I'm a tremendously hard worker and phenomenal multi-tasker!

My greatest weakness is time-management and that I tend to work too much so I can get very selfish with my time. I rather work, work, work instead of play or take a break. I often times, have to remind myself that it's necessary and important to my health and sanity to step away from the office and relax when I need to.

What do you like doing in your free time? Do you usually play videogames? Do you do any sports?

I honestly don't get a lot of time to myself except for the very end of the night and even then, they are usually reserved for stuff like getting packages shipped for the next morning, doing solo customs or studying/doing homework.

When I do get some free time to myself, I love to just chill, listen to music and work out or nerd out on YouTube. I enjoy binge-watching a lot of educational or motivational videos. Just depends on my mood lol

What are the projects of your future?

We are constantly working on upcoming projects for Club Asiana as we have so many plans in the works! Building new stuff in the Playroom for new ways to make me suffer, buying and upgrading new equipment for the office and for productions, new features in the members area and cooking up some AWESOME scene ideas we want to shoot for content! It's just time! Something we never have enough of! Lol

Are you on facebook / Twitter / Instagram? Websites?

Yes! We are! To keep up with all our BDSM/Bondage content, you can follow me on Twitter at @SexyAsianaStarr and FetLife under AsianaStarr. For all my non-nude and PG-13 stuff, I have an Instagram at @SexxxyAsianaStarr and for all my pantyhose and high heel fans, please do subscribe to my YouTube channel under