February 20, 2019

Vlada Vedmovskaya and Alex Falco son los protagonistas de esta entrevista para mostrar bondage y shibari en todo el mundo. Nosotros hemos querido conocer cómo se vive el bondage en Rusia.

Ellos nos explican el shibari y el bondage en Rusia. Son también los organizadores de una International Bondage Pary que se celebra desde 2012 en Moscú, que es el "Moscow Knot", y además practican un bondage todavía poco habitual, en el que Vlada es la que ata, y el chico, Alex Falco, es el modelo atado. Es un trabajo bondage muy interesante. Tienen fotografías impactantes, y viven el bondage con muy buena pasión.

La entrevista original fue en inglés, y como siempre os hemos publicado la entrevista con traducción al español.


You organize the International Bondage party "MOSCOW KNOT" would take place at Moscow. How many shows, exhibitors, models, guests, and workshops, are there in this event? Is there a lot of public?.

While planning our party I'm taking into consideration how many shows audience could watch before their brain start melting. Usually it is 6 shows per evening. So for 3 days - 18 of performers. Numbers of participants per show varies from 2 (rigger + model) to 6 (like army of zombies to make it more dramatic). Moscowknot has average amount of guests 200-300 (it's not for broad people masses) As we don't advertise very much everyone who come is definitely interested in bondage. Most of our foreign performers also love to share their knowledge via workshops. So we have 2 days addition to 3 show days.

This year 2019 is at Moscow at 26, 27 and 28 of April 2019. How many hours is it open to the public?

We book entirely club for more than 5 days. From afternoon it's open for workshops and interaction (foreign guest interview, little games and munches) at evening 20:0h0 program has started and goes until 00:00h. Most hardcore guests spend almost full days in the club. Some of them are sleeping there on couches.

I read in the social network that this year is new organizations. It's true? Or is fake news? Hahaha.

Not really. The organizers core is same. Vlada and Falco is core of organizers and always giving ours full to this event. A lot of people help this bondage party happen. It hard to mention all of them - some people come some go.

You are Vlada Vedmovskaya and Alex Falco, organizers of the Moscow Knot 2019. By the way, who are you? Who writes the interview? Vlada or Alex? Tell me about you. How long have you been doing bondage and shibari?

You are right Vlada is typing and Alex is nodding. We both more than 8 years of bondage, performances, naughty trips, kinky photos etc etc. The idea of Moscowknot came from our London trip.

Photo / Courtesy - Vlada & Falco

How did you get into bondage?

Vlada: I was kinky from childhood. I have tried different aspects of BDSM. I really love domination guys and girls and use whips and canes in real painful ways as well as some torturous poses and situations. But rope bondage is most challenging and especially appealing for me. I've spend time learning different things myself and now would love to share my passion with people who just started.

Falco: From a young days I i was interested in bondage. I had loved to see pictures of crucifixion, torture chambers etc. But seek of a partner who could fulfil my fantasies - not easy task.

The first year of the Moscow Knot was in 2012. Are there many changes this year?

No changes needed - Moscow knot was born perfect! Lol. There are so many little changes with every year I can't remember everything. But its basic features remain the same: many pleasant people come, talk, do boundage, stroke or hit each over and have fun. We try to show them Moscow as well.

What are the rules of your event?.

Rules don't differ than other parties. Have fun and don't spoil others fun. Express yourself and be applauded. Don't drink much, don't hit faces(unasked). Don't steal slaves and whips. Have fun! (One who not having fun would be punished)

In your event are great names, Bob of RopeMarks. What are the requirements to be Artist Bondage in the Moscow Knot?

Its constancy what creative people of bondage are famous too. Main ingredients of good show: take ropes, a model(s) start tieing and try to make it different from previous shows. Recipe is: some rope+some pain+ some crazy ideas and boil until it become perfect. Then share it with people.

How many people work with you in the Organization of Moscow Knot? Are you only Vlada and Alex? Is it difficult to organize this event?.

It's deadly difficult to organize such an event. After each party we think we never will do it again. But then some people come and say "wow it was great. May I help?" And we start preparing new one. Thanks to all these, we not dead and moscowknot is happening.

Photo / Courtesy - Vlada & Falco

I would like to know the Bondage and Kinbaku culture in Russian. Are there many people, Artists, models, etc, in Russian? Tell me about Bondage community in Russian.

I think Russia bondage culture is mature. It even have several competing groups of riggers thinking only they are true.It's good Only in this boiling pot of ideas something new could be born. In Moscow there are almost weekly "bondage only" evenings. Active riggers are about 50 in each major city. 3-4 at smaller ones. And we have strong beautiful models. Come to see them! They are easy to bend and not easy to break. I've lost count of how many :) .

And the Bondage culture in Russian, does culture move forward or backward?.

Like everything, bondage moves both up and down. Meaning being more elite and more casual. In other words, being more mass and popular. You can't shock anyone by just tying naked girl. It has some good and bad sides. But from large number of people doing bondage it's easier to finds real creative artists.

Do you think that shibari and bondage are in fashion, right now? Is this for good or for bad? Is it dangerous because of the imitators? What do you think?.

Fashion is a world of creative artists.Some shibari ties seen at public media would attract more talents to the scene. It's bad: you can't stop and shine from throne - you need put efforts and make ideas to stay at the top line. Danger is much commercialization of the scene.

Is there censorship in Russia with shibari and bondage? Do you have anything problem (of censorship) in the organization of event?.

The main censors we are ourselves. "Is it real good? Doesn't it insult someone? Isn't it to disgusting? Isn't it to sterile?" all questions are in our heads then we making something new. As for legislate censorship - we didn't put it to public media to think of it. We have semi private event. No many random people inside. So we have less limitations than any other bondage events we know. We don't make big money so we are not interesting for an authorities.

Photo / Courtesy - Vlada & Falco

What advice would you give to people who want to go to Moscow Knot ?.

Have fun! Seriously, have fun. Don't listen what mass media say about danger of Russians. Test it yourself, with you own butt. I'd would advice take one more day and see Moscow too.

Besides bondage, what do you do? What's your job? Or your work of Artist Bondage full time?

We are really interested in bondage and bdsm, but it's not all ours life. We able to choose our job so it takes not all the time. We have time and money for some for pleasurable little things like traveling teaching, partying, making photos . Everyone could be an artist if they want to.

Besides this event, do you have a club, website, etc. in Russia? Are you a photographer, producer, etc?.

I don't own a club but there is a bdsm club in Moscow named "Predel" what i like. And i am one of few members there and you may find us there very often. I don't maintain my own website putting more effort Moscowknot project. I can't call myself a producer but we produce some naughty photos from time to time and publish it at social networks. Also I giving classes and organise some smaller bondage events.

Tell me a funny anecdote during the last events, or if you prefer of your bondage sessions.

Not sure if it funny but most weird and disturbing things are happened during ours countryside bondage adventures. It's mostly Falco misadventures. They start same: I drive him to distant place in forest by the night. He strip naked , then i bind his hands tight and drive away. His objective is to come alive to the randevu point not being spotted by people. Usually he notices them and hides , but one time he didn't spotted bicycle paddler. That soul had saw naked bound runner in the twilight he froze in shock and was still for many minutes.

One other night Falco didn't come back for real long. So i've went for searching. I met group of worried people. they said there was bound naked girl with knife sticking of her thigh. I got scared and asked where they have see her. "She had run away from us" was their answer. "Run away? bound with sliced leg?" I've return to checkpoint and have met him unharmed. He have being late because he was hiding from crowd trying to save him.

What is your opinion about piratery digital? What do you think about this problem?

I hate it! I tell every digital pirate to take our photo works and pirate it, But they never do. Maybe to afraid i'll suspend them. Bondage photo market is not great industry for pirates.

Tell us about yourself. What are you like (extroverted, funny, nervous, shy, etc)?.

I am love to communicate and strong emotions even al trill. You may call me adrenalin maniac. I love to push thing toward extremes. Falco less communicative but shares the same passion of "on the edge" stuff

What are your three greatest strengths? And your three greatest weaknesses?.

My best and worst side is stubbornness/persitentness. I'll to go till the end. But in other hand i am very demanding. It will be as i say or not be at all.

What do you like doing in your free time?.

I do only things i love to do. So all my work hours is a free time. In times free from roping people and torturing Falco I do same thing as others: read books, watch series, play games, cook, travel and diner with people

Where do you see yourself in the next years (retired on an island, millionaire, soccer Player hahaha), etc?.

All my prediction artefact is out of order so i can't see future. Instead so i'll tell what I want to happen more often: more travel, new places, great people around.

Are you on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram?.

yep. here is my social


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